Good What a good start to my South America adventure

Program: Spanish Group CourseHomestay · Location: Quito

Review from Talash Reviewed on by from Den Bosch Netherlands

I think that this was the perfect start to my South American adventure. I arrived with limited knowledge of Spanish and by day four i could understand almost everything my host family was trying to tell me. Both teachers i had were extremely friendly and patient and very helpful and choose topics that the students wanted to discuss, and thus made it easier to learn. I also felt like i was with the correct level in groups both times and really liked that in the first week, my level of Spanish did not match any group levels, so I had individual classes at no extra charge :). On my first day, I had a tour of the old city, where the school is based and this was very helpful in orientation and getting to know Quito a little better. Quito is also a good place to start learning spanish as it is close to everything and you can experience other cities close to Quito in the weekends with the school excursions or by yourself. I went to Banos and I had a blast, it has very many outdoor activities. Overall, I saw an improvement in my spanish, had a wonderful time with my host family and got to explore a lot of Ecuador right from Quito.

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Many thanks for your review!

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