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Our Team

As quintessential Latinos, there’s nothing us Ecuadorians do better than teamwork! At Ailola Quito we’re proud to introduce ourselves – the teachers, administrators and interns, who’ll ensure your stay in Ecuador is an unforgettable one. Find out more about us today!

School Director

Eugenio Cordova

Eugenio Córdova

Eugenio knows what it means to achieve results in Spanish. In fact, the final grade he achieved in his Spanish Language degree was 9.98/10 – his University’s best score in over 20 years! Where to from here? you ask? In 1988, Eugenio founded our Spanish school in Quito, after noticing the city’s potential as a destination for foreign students wanting to learn Spanish. Eugenio – aside from just a pioneer in local language teaching – has become a sort of institution in Quito! Personable, friendly and dedicated to his students and staff, you’ll find him in Quito or zigzagging all over Ecuador, traveling with his students and managing the school’s language programs.


Spanish Teachers at Ailola Quito

What makes a great Spanish school team in Ecuador? We believe it’s our staff of University-educated native-speakers! With years of professional and life experience, our teachers are University graduates specializing in Spanish language studies and/or Latin American literature. As we generally hire local Ecuadorian teachers, Ailola Quito can also guarantee you won’t just learn Spanish, but the broader social and cultural picture around you! ¡Sí, señores! We know Ecuador like the palm of our hands!

Teacher Angelica Castro

Angelica Castro

Angelica, aside from being a superb teacher, she also enjoys exchanging knowledge with her foreign students about their countries and her very own, Ecuador! Angelica is a team player and also very committed to her family! She’s been with Ailola Quito for over 15 years.

Teacher Jeanina

Jeanina Cáceres

Jeanina is one of our newest staff members. That said, she’s still got 10 years under her belt, having started at Ailola Quito in 2003. Jeanina studied architecture and enjoys cultural traditions and customs. She is considered one of our quieter members of staff, and is extremely friendly.

Teacher Tania Urresta

Tania Urresta

Tania is one of our longest serving teachers, having been with us since 1994. She has a knack for quietly spotting weak points in students Spanish and finding fun, innovative and successful ways of working on them. Tania often travels with students on our Traveling Classroom programs to the Amazon and Galapagos, but teaches regularly in Quito.

Teacher Tito Hernan Muñonz

Tito Hernan Muñonz

Tito’s 20th anniversary with us is almost around the corner, as one of our longest serving members of staff. Tito holds degrees in Education and Journalism, and is one of our Traveling Classroom teachers. Well-read, he enjoys Latin American art and history.

Teacher Vanessa Chala

Vanessa Chala

Vanessa has been with Ailola Quito since 1998. She holds a Social Science degree, while her hobbies include cooking, football, dancing and reading. In all of this, what Vanessa most enjoys is traveling; in fact, she’s connoisseur of the Galapagos Islands! Vanessa is a hard working, kind and well-humored member of our staff.


Office Staff

Paola Córdova

Paola Córdova – Student Advisor & Administration

Paola is Ailola Quito’s triple threat – she has two university degrees, one in Education, another in Tourism, and she’s currently studying IT! She runs our Traveling Classroom program, plus location courses in the Amazon, Andes, Galapagos Islands, Quito and Otavalo. Paola is friendly, talkative and enjoys learning (in case you hadn’t guessed).

Blanca Chabes

Blanca Chabes – Student Advisor in Otavalo

Blanca Chabes is a traditional Otavaleña and knows exactly what the culture in Otavalo is about. She helps the administration and supports organizational processes. Also she provides all the information about what to do in and around Otavalo and helps the students with concerns and questions.

Teresa de Sierra

Teresa de Sierra – Volunteer Coordinator

As our dedicated volunteer coordinator, Teresa has everything you need to know about volunteering in Ecuador. She worked for over 25 years at the Fundación Niñez y Vida and has an intimate knowledge of the inner-workings and needs of NGOs, including the areas that student volunteers can participate in. Teresa is personable, kind and has an innate desire to help others.

Washington Sierra

Washington Sierra – Driver

Aside from being a qualified English teacher, Washington is our team’s trusty driver and logistics coordinator. He helps arrange students’ accommodation and even takes them there, picking students up from the airport and straight to the front door of their new homes. And given he’ll take you all over the place, we’re also happy to add that Washington is an incredibly nice guy!

Mario Cordova

Mario Córdova – Service

Mario is the good-hearted soul of the school and a magnanimous guy, who takes care of everyone and everything. He´s the contact person for both, staff and students, and there isn´t any problem, which he is unable to solve.