How to select a good Spanish School? - © Pablo Hidalgo

How to Select a Spanish School?

Studying abroad translates to time, money and commitment! At Ailola Quito we believe students should be guided in the right direction to choose the best school in Ecuador for them. Take a look at our checklist today!

  1. Do the teachers hold University degrees in relevant fields like Spanish Language or Latin American Literature?
  2. Will I be properly placed in the right level?
  3. Will I receive an internationally recognized language level on completion of my course?
  4. Is the school committed to the quality of teaching?
  5. Does the school capitalize on formal feedback from students?
  6. Does the school provide a full-time student coordinator?
  7. Is the school equipped with appropriate facilities in a safe and central location?
  8. Is the school competitive in terms of the extras included in its course fees?
  9. Does the school properly screen accommodation options?
  10. Is the school a legal entity in Ecuador that is recognized by and registered with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education?

Surprise! Ailola Quito gets a big YES for each question. And if you’re still not convinced, check out our FAQ section or contact us today!