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Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Why with us?

Looking for the best Spanish school in the world? At Ailola Quito we don’t want to go too far, but we still might try to convince you we’re the best language school in Ecuador. Let’s give it a go!

10 Reasons to study with us

1. We’re the only school with classes right across Ecuador

The best Spanish school in Ecuador should offer classes all over the country, right? We’re one step ahead you, with 7 Spanish course locations, including fixed schools in Otavalo and Quito, plus our Traveling Classroom program in the Amazon jungle and on a traditional Ecuadorian hacienda. Best of all, you can mix and match locations!

Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands

2. Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands

How far can you go with Ailola Quito? You’ll find us in among the 100-year old giant tortoises on the beaches of Galapagos Island. Yep! We’re the only language school in Ecuador offering Spanish courses in this pristine world heritage-listed marine park. Find your course on the Galapagos Islands today!

3. Over 30 years of experience teaching Spanish

We’ve been the king of this jungle for a very long time – twenty years in fact! As pioneers in Spanish language learning in Ecuador, we were the first school in this country to offer volunteering opportunities with Spanish courses. We also created the unique traveling classroom model and introduced Amazon jungle programs to the Ecuadorian market. Could we be the best school in Ecuador? If we haven't convinced you yet, keep reading!

Spanish School in Centro historico Quito

4. Central and safe location in colonial center of Quito

Our location in the Old Town of Quito is envious, to say the least. But sharing is caring, which is why each year our Spanish school opens its colonial doors in Quito to students from all over the world. You’ll find us in a safe and central location, in among the pristine churches and plazas of Quito’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, near vibrant food and craft markets, and just 2-minute’s walk from the Plaza de Teatro trolley bus stop.

5. Unique volunteering opportunities

What could make the best school in Quito even better? Volunteering opportunities, of course! With 25-years experience in the field of volunteerism in Ecuador, we’re committed to helping you help others right across our beautiful country, from the jungles of Amazon to the barrios of Quito. At Ailola Quito our network of NGO contacts is always expanding. Contact us today to learn more!

6. 100% commitment to customer satisfaction

Looking for bang for your buck? Wanting results in the Spanish language? At Ailola Quito our complete attention is on you and your results! We offer personalized attention with our 24/7 hotline, fulltime staff and commitment to constantly improving on customer satisfaction. We offer assistance with visas, volunteering, and legal and health matters, not to mention a broad, flexible range of Spanish language courses.

Experienced Spanish Teachers

7. The best teachers for the best school in Ecuador?

Our team of teachers will meet you at Ailola Quito with more than just big Ecuadorian smiles! With the guarantee of a University education in Spanish Language Studies or Latin American Literature, our teachers are bound to take your Spanish skills to a whole new level. They’re native Spanish speakers and generally all from Ecuador, which is why you’ll not just learn to speak Spanish, you’ll also gain a unique insight into the local culture you see around you!

8. Speak Spanish with Ecuadorians

Aside from our local staff of teachers and administrators, Ailola Quito guarantees you’ll be putting your newly acquired language skill straight to work, with a multitude of opportunities to practice Spanish with the locals. Our Spanish courses are communication-orientated, which is why we can confidently set you up in accommodation with locals, in volunteering projects and with travel opportunities. Put your Spanish into practice today!

9. EU-harmonized language levels

To become the best Spanish school in Ecuador we want our students to be part of the bigger picture. That's why our assessment methods are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR. So, whether you're an A1 or a C2, rest assured we'll be assessing you like the millions of other students worldwide who choose to learn Spanish!

Spanish Certificate

10. The Ailola Lingua Certificate

The Ailola Lingua Certificate is our way of recognizing the achievements and dedication of students who come from far and wide to learn Spanish at the best school in Ecuador. By completing at least 80% of your lessons, reaching your course's full duration, and achieving the milestones of the language level you're aiming for, Ailola Quito will reward you with our prestigious Ailola Lingua Certificate.

The team at Ailola Quito is ready to answer your questions and – more excitingly – to welcome you to our Spanish school in Ecuador. Reach out today to learn more!