Learn Spanish in Amazon Lodge - © Mariusz Prusaczyk

Learn Spanish in an Amazon Eco-Lodge

Deep within the jungle, past volcanoes, behind ancient trees, floating somewhere in the clouds, an eco‐lodge is waiting for you. Best of all, we’ll take you there with one of our unique Spanish course programs in the Amazon jungle! Read on to find out more!

First class facilities

Amazon Eco-Lodge

Unlike other programs that offer you the chance to study Spanish in the Amazon, the eco‐lodge you’ll arrive to is fully-equipped with all the amenities and facilities you need for a comfortable, enjoyable, and unforgettable stay. These include:

  • Warm, spacious double cabins including private bathrooms and hot-water showers
  • Delicious meals and beverages provided
  • Excellent study and teaching spaces for Spanish students
  • No need to take materials with you, just bring a pocketsize dictionary, and our teacher will take everything else you need to study Spanish at the Amazon jungle eco-lodge


Far, far away, the Amazon jungle might seem like an impossible destination to reach on your own. But you don’t have to! At Ailola Quito we’ll arrange transport for you to get from Quito to the Amazon, and you’ll travel with your Spanish teacher the whole way! This is how:

  • Head east – Your teacher will collect you and take you to the bus station in Quito, for a 9.30pm departure to the eastern city of Coca.
  • Overnight busride – The Amazon jungle eco–lodge where you’ll study Spanish is located approximately 9 hours from Quito. We’ll arrive nice and early to Coca – at 5.30am to be exact!
  • Rest, relax, wait – We’ll then spend some time at a hostel in Coca until the eco-lodge’s nature guides come to collect us.
  • Canoe ride up the river – The final leg of our Amazon journey is a 45-60 minute canoe ride up the river to the eco-lodge.

Note: As classes generally begin on Monday, students and their teacher will depart Quito on Sunday night. Those students wishing to fly, should book a 30-minute flight departing Quito and landing in Coca on Monday morning (flights are not included in the program fee).

School fact sheet

  • Founded in: 1998
  • Distance to Quito: approximately 9 hour driving, 30 minutes flying, plus 1 hour canoe ride up the river
  • Telephone signal: Yes!
  • Maximum class size: 6 students
  • Low season: December and May
  • Volunteering opportunities: Yes, click here to find out more!
  • Conversation sessions: Yes, and they're free!

Top-5 things to see and do

Amazon Eco-Lodge Spanish Course
  • Get to know the forest. – If we’re sure of one thing (apart from that you’ll improve your Spanish language skills, of course) it’s that your stay in the Amazon will open your mind to the environment around you. During your time here, you’ll journey out on a number of included tours with a nature guide, learning about medicinal plants, birds and animals.
  • Bird-watching or piranha fishing? – Ecuador is considered megadiverse for its incredible variety of flora and fauna. When you study Spanish in the Amazon, you’ll have the chance to experience this for yourself, with activities that range from bird-watching to paranha fishing, and everything in between!
  • Meet the Quichuas del Oriente. – No visit to the Amazon jungle is complete without a chance to meet the locals! During your time here, you’ll get to know an indigenous community living near the eco-lodge, the Quichuas del Oriente, to learn about their traditions and practices.
  • Make traditional baskets. – Our Spanish courses are interactive, which is precisely why we offer you the chance to participate in hands-on activities in the Amazon, like traditional basket making classes using materials from the Amazon jungle.
  • Visit a rescue center. – Near the jungle eco-lodge is a local rescue center that cares for birds and animals which are native to the area. While you might spot a few of these in the wild during your guided tours, this will be your chance to get up close and personal, and see how the tireless staff at the center work to save lives.