Learn Spanish on Galapagos Islands

Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands

Sea lion Galapagos IslandsJust off the Ecuadorian mainland, 800-pound tortoises roam lazily about heavenly islands beaches. Are you ready to join them? At Ailola Quito we can find you a spot on the sand and so much more, with one of our premium Spanish courses. Learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands today!

First class facilities

Ailola Quito was one of the first Spanish schools to offer visitors to Ecuador the chance to learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands. With such experience, we know exactly the kind of setting students need to succeed. We offer facilities on two islands, with facilities that include:

Learn Spanish on Galapagos
  • Unique, premium Spanish classes on the Galapagos Islands, on the doorstep of your accommodation
  • Spacious, equipped study areas, suited for groups and individuals on both Santa Cruz and San Cristóbal islands
  • Immediate access to the hotel’s glorious swimming pool on Santa Cruz, or the option of a superb guesthouse on San Cristóbal
  • Amazing island locations, just 2 blocks from the sea, and in the heart of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, or quiet natural settings on San Cristóbal
  • No need to take materials with you, just bring a pocketsize dictionary, and our teacher will take everything else you need to study Spanish on the Galapagos Islands


If you’re not comparing your wrinkles with the 100-year tortoises on the beach, you’re probably learning Spanish with us. But where? And how do I get there? Consider this:

  • Fly – Guess what? If you’re teacher is not already traveling with from the mainland, you’ll meet him or her at the airport, either on Baltra Island for those heading to Santa Cruz, or San Cristóbal airport for those studying on San Cristóbal Island.
  • Bus – From the airport in Baltra, you and your teacher will travel on the airline bus to the Itabaca channel, before jumping aboard the ferry to Santa Cruz Island. Good news for San Cristóbal students – you’ll be staying just 10 minutes from the airport!
  • Arrive – Santa Cruz students have just one more step to reach their accommodation – a short colectivo (transfer) ride or taxi with your teacher.
  • Island swaps – For those wishing to study on both islands, we’ll take a ferry! And keep an eye out for dolphins!

School fact sheet

  • Founded in: 1999, one of the first Spanish programs of its type
  • Distance to town centers: You’ll study Spanish on the Galapagos Islands in the city center in Puerto Ayala, just two blocks from the sea, or in walking distance from everything at a guesthouse on San Cristóbal Island
  • Free internet access/WiFi: Yes!
  • Number of classrooms: On the terrace beside the swimming pool
  • Maximum class size: 6 students
  • High season: July to September, December to January
  • Volunteering opportunities: Yes!
  • Conversation sessions: Yes, and they're free!

Top-5 things to see and do

Learn Spanish on Galapagos
  • See where Lonesome George once lived! – At the Charles Darwin Station near Puerto Ayora discover all there is to know about turtle breeding. It’s here you’ll get to meet the islands’ rock stars – the Galapagos tortoises! You can also see where the world renowned Lonesome George – an approximately 100-year old Giant Tortoise of the Pinta species, the last of his kind – once lived.
  • Cruise the high seas! – One of the best (and often only) ways to see the Galapagos Islands in their entirety is by signing up for a cruise around the islands. These include options for multi-day journey with some of the bigger ships, or day trips on local sailboats. (Keep in mind that latter offers you more chances to disembark and take a look around, as there’s less risk of environment damage!)
  • Snorkel, dive, swim on Galapagos
  • Spot tortugas at Tortuga Bay! – Marine turtles and seabirds galore at Tortuga Bay! This serene spot on Santa Cruz island can be reached by walking down a one-mile path from Puerto Ayora. Come before the gates close at 6.30pm to see if you can spot flamingos, pelicans, or some of the local tortoises laying their eggs! Did we mention the incredible sunsets?
  • Snorkel, dive, swim! – Darwin and Wolf Islands in the Galapagos archiapelago are considered some of the best diving destinations on earth, with a breathtaking array of clear and well-preserved sites for divers. And if you’re not by the pool studying Spanish, keep in mind that the Galapagos Islands also offer easy and accessible beaches for snorkellers and swimmers!
  • Lend a helping hand. – Attention scientists, researchers, and all the average Joes of the world! For decades now, people from across the world have come to Ecuador, not just for the chance to learn Spanish on the Galapagos Islands, but to lend a helping hand in efforts to protect on of the world’s most pristine natural environment. Find out more about our volunteering programs today!

Note: Students wishing to study on San Cristóbal must sign up for at least 2 weeks on the Galapagos Islands, with at least 1 week on San Cristóbal. You can combine the other week with courses on Santa Cruz or with our travelling classroom program.