Excellent Fantastic school that was really accomodating

Program: Spanish Combi Course · Location: Quito

Review from Michael Reviewed on by from Roseville United States

Ailola Quito was really wonderful. The classes themselves are really well structured and the teachers are great at speeding up the classes or slowing them down if you're familiar or struggling with the material. Class sizes also seemed to always be 2-4 people, but my friend and I took semi-private lessons for the two of us, and that was a very good size to move quickly and be able to ask any questions we had.

It was also fantastic to be picked up from the airport here. I've had a friend who had to pay ~80 dollars for the ride we received for free from the school. The only downside was the lack of confirmation coming up to our flight. Otherwise, they were really helpful.

They were also really accommodating. Our hostel didn't provide breakfast, so they made sure to buy bread for us every morning and make us coffee completely free of charge.

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Many thanks for your review!

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