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Program: Spanish Group CourseHomestay · Location: Quito

Review from Matthew Reviewed on by from Blaine United States

This is one of the fastest ways to learn spanish. What I love about the program is that all of the teachers have completely different teaching styles so that you don't get used to or bored with any of them. I stayed in the program for 4 weeks. For each week, you will get a new teacher. Some of the teachers place an emphasis on speaking, while others are there to help you learn more of the grammer, conjugation, etc.

During the classtime, there is a break where you can speak with the other students in the school. Everyone is friendly and it is easy to make friends. I spent many hours hanging with my new friends after school.

I also paid to live in a host family with two meals for the day. The breakfast is traditional with a different fruit and fruit juice each day. The dinner was different everyday. The family I stayed with was also extremely nice, and I think that I may stay in contact with them.

One thing that the school could improve on is by offering more events. They can be free or cheap, but during the week, if you are ambitious you can get everything completed in one week. Otherwise I think this program is great for learning spanish and I am speaking 10 times better than I ever thought I could.

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Many thanks for your review!

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