Excellent I enjoyed my stay in the Amazon so much!

Program: Spanish Group Course · Location: Shuar Community

Reviewed on by from NA Germany

Dear Eugenio,

I just wanted to tell you again that I enjoyed my stay in the Amazon so much! I didn’t expect to be able to travel and to see so many different places in such a short time. The trip through the Amazon Jungle was just great, I’ve seen Coca, Tena and Misuhalli, stayed in this beautiful lodge close to the Naporiver, and visited the Shuar close to Puyo. They were the ones who impressed me the most, their way of life and their rainforest saving program was so interesting to see. For me it was also very cool to do these trips through the rainforest and to see all these animals I’ve never seen before. I really enjoyed my stay!

Reply of Ailola Lingua:

Many thanks for your review!

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