Excellent My 4 weeks in Quito

Program: Spanish Group CourseHomestay · Location: Quito

Review from Lara Reviewed on by from Frankfurt am Main Germany

I did not speak a single word of Spanish when I arrived in Quito! The school is amazing, I learned so fast! I guess it would be even better if I would have been able to talk more with my host mom / locals, but I still am really happy with my level of knowledge now! I definitely recommend group classes in the morning plus private classes in the afternoon! That way you practice talking more! The morning classes focuses mainly on grammar...

The school and all the people who work here are very friendly and try to help you in any way possible! They can help you organise your trip to Galapagos or extend your visa etc. I loved the variety of activities, which were offered in the afternoon (salsa lessons, cooking party, and small trips to museums)!!

Reply of Ailola Lingua:

Many thanks for your review!

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