Excellent My trip to Quito

Program: Spanish Group Course · Location: Quito

Review from Jason Reviewed on by from Sydney Australia

I really enjoyed my time here in Quito. I really enoyed learning Spanish here and the teachers were friendly and very helpful. The house I was staying in was excellent and well worth the price. For the two weeks I was here I learnt quite a lot of spanish which then helped me to speak and traverse my way around the city. The interns at the school were excellent and incredibly helpful as they spoke English extremely well. I would definitely suggest hiring more interns like Laura. My only critique of the school would have to be, the prices of the excursions which were a little speet considering the fact that if we were to do them ourselves they be much lest expensive. Furthermore, unfortunately we weren't able to spend much time at our destinations because of the other side trips. Other than that I had a wonderful time at this school and would definitely come again.

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Many thanks for your review!

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