Excellent Aiolola Quito

Program: Spanish Group Course · Location: Quito

Review from Anna Reviewed on by from Frankfurt Germany

The school exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed how quickly I learned  Spanish. Living with a family really helped. Luli our "mum" had lengthy conversations with me and never tired of my broken Spanish. The teachers were great and gave us lots of opportunities to talk and use what we had learned. The lessons are quite individualized, every week students are regrouped according to their levels, you don't have to keep up with the class or get held back by others. There are small teaching groups, I was mainly in classes of 2. My first week we had 6 students, which was too many really. . The activities offered by the school are good. For someone traveling solo, it was good to have some organized options until I found fellow travelers to take weekend trips with. The night tour of Quito is great, and so are the free salsa classes. It's a shame the cooking classes have turned into more of a joined lunch, I would have loved to learn some Ecuadorian cooking. A very good experience and after three weeks I feel well equipped to continue my travels through South América.

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Many thanks for your review!

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