Contribute to the restauration of our damaged environment

Contribute to the restauration of our damaged environment

ID: 7 · Type: Environment · Location: Amazon Rainforest Ecuador

This family and small-scaled business was founded in 1995. It works under the principals of ecological restoration, permaculture and agroforestry to make the world a better place to live. It is located in El Limonal in the north of Ecuador with a subtropical climate (4 hours from Quito). It offers volunteer work and a Bed-and-Breakfast with excursions and organized hikings in the surrounded areas. This restoration center is a good place to learn about the unique biodiversity of Ecuador and to discover the variety of tropical fruits which grow on the property.


In this property, sustainable, organic forest-farming is put in practice, based on the principles and techniques of ecological restoration, agroforestry and permaculture. The tasks of the volunteers depend on the season:

In the dry season a lot of energy will be spent on digging and maintaining irrigation swales, transplanting seedlings in bags and watering the plants in the tree nursery.

In the wet season the work is focused on pruning trees, cutting weeds, planting trees and bamboo, harvesting fruits, etc. Some jobs, such as compost making and carrying it to the plants, are ongoing all year round. Other duties of the volunteers can be: administrative work, painting signs, trail building or transplanting seedlings in the afternoon.

The week schedule is from Monday morning till Saturday at noon. But occasionally, volunteers can leave Friday noon for a long weekend.


Basic knowledge advantageous but not required. We recommend combining the project with a language course in Quito.

Work Schedule:
Mon – Sat, 7am – 12am (Afternoon work: + 2 hours)

Minimum Stay:
4 Weeks

Min. Local Language Level:
Beginner (A1)

Minimum Age:
18 Years

Volunteer Accommodation:

Volunteer Meals:
3 meals a day

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