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Accommodatie in Quito, Ecuador

Accommodation in Quito, Ecuador

Our Accommodation

No matter what your taste or budget, Ecuador has an accommodation option for you! Ailola Quito's experience and strong local contacts mean we can arrange rooms for you in Quito, Otavalo, the Galapagos, the Amazon, even on a traditional Ecuadorian hacienda. Our most recommended option is a homestay with a real Ecuadorian family. This is your chance to take your newly acquired Spanish skills out of the classroom and into the home, forging new relationships in the process. Secure your hotel, hostel, homestay, apartment or eco-lodge room today!

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Private Bedroom   ·   Shared Bathroom   ·   Half- or Full-board   ·   WiFi Access

There's truly no better way to improve your Spanish than through immersion! The Ailola Quito homestay program is your best shot at absorbing real-world Spanish, placing you with families living not farther than 15 to 25 minutes from our school! You'll also discover the beauty of local culture!

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Homestay Plus

Private Bedroom   ·   Private Bathroom   ·   Full-board   ·   WiFi Access

Home away from home? Throw a little extra comfort in the mix when you stay with a local Ecuadorian family! The Ailola Quito Homestay Plus offers everything the standard homestay program offers plus a private bathroom!

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Amazon Eco-Lodge

Private or Shared Cabin   ·   Private Bathroom   ·   Full-board

Too good to be true? Think again! Ailola Quito will take you into the jungle with our Amazon Eco-lodge cabins. Warm and spacious, you'll rest well after a day out in the wild, including piranha fishing, bird watching, and more!

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Organized by You


Private or Shared Bedroom   ·   Private or Shared Bathroom   ·   No Meals   ·   WiFi Access

Hostels in Ecuador are easy to come by and rich in variety! In recent years, Ecuador has revolutionized its tourism sector, opening up a world of accommodation options for young, social travelers. Are you one of them?

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Private Bedroom   ·   Private Bathroom   ·   No Meals   ·   WiFi Access

From Quito's stunning historic center to the majestic wildness of the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador's hotel scene is nothing short of exciting! With all budgets and tastes covered, Ecuador has a hotel room for you!

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